Our Team

We are proud that AgileLAB has brought together professionals with relevant practical experience. Each of us continues to work with real teams on real projects.
Vladimir Gorshunov
Founder, Trainer
Executive Agile Coach
General Manager @ Ask Applications / Apalon
Minsk, Belarus
General Manager at Ask Applications / Apalon, Founder at AgileLAB, Trainer, Speaker, Mentor. Previously worked as Senior Technical Program Manager at Amazon London and Head of Consulting Office at Ciklum Minsk. As a former software engineer Vladimir cares about technical excellence. Vladimir's passion is agility at all levels.

Certified Scrum Professional, Scrum Master, and Product Owner; Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Agilist (SA), ICAgile Certified Professional in Agile Project Management (ICP-APM), Agile Team Facilitation (ICP-ATF), Agile Fundamentals (ICP).
Kiryl Baranoshnik
Agile Coach @ ING
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Agile Coach at ING. Co-founder, Agile Coach, and Trainer at AgileLAB. 6 years of experience with Agile and deep proficiency in the subject proved by Scrum Alliance and ICAgile certificates. Worked with wide variety of customers from all over the world, including large well-known international corporations and startups. Coached organization on all levels, from executives to development teams. Creator of Kiryl's Facilitation Toolkit—an extensive set of templates for online facilitation based on Google Drawings canvases. Public speaker at international conferences. One of the co-founders and leader of the Agile and Lean community in Minsk. Blog author. Has been in software development for over 10 years, started as a software engineer.
Janina Łaszkiewicz
Executive Agile Coach, Consultant
Warsaw, Poland
Change Management consultant, Agile Coach and Trainer working on Program&Portfolio / Enterprise levels as well as Team level. Agile Practitioner from 2012. Working in Software Development industry both Outsourcing and Product Development from 2004. Responsible for effective collaboration of software developers and business and occupying managerial positions since 2008. Hired founder for development sites and R'n'D offices with good experience in starting up from scratch. Active and energetic person, connector, creative problem-solver with multifunctional experience, most effective on company active growth stage or during transformation and change period. Focusing on Agile Coaching and Facilitation aimed at building bottom-up initiatives, self-organizing teams and collaborative environment in the organization. EU-based Consultant.
Timofey Yevgrashyn
Agile Coach @ Signavio GmbH
Berlin, Germany
Timofey is a management consultant for the implementation of Agile / Lean approaches and methods, and one of the few certified consultants of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) in Ukraine. He's spent more than 17 years in the IT industry, with more than 12 of those years as a project manager.

Since 2008, he has been training and implementing Agile development methods. Timofey has many years of experience advising and managing crisis situations in development teams, and extensive experience in optimizing business processes for companies.

Timofey is the author of Russian speaking blog The Improved Methods and English speaking AgileLean.pro and is a permanent speaker of many international conferences. He conducts active social activities to popularise Agile methods of project management and organises thematic events, master classes, trainings, and programs on Agile development and self-development.

Timofey now works as an Agile Delivery director by initiating and streamlining all projects in the organisation with Agile methods.
Vladimir Dobrov
Program Manager & Agile Coach @ Dotdash (IAC/InterActiveCorp)
New York, USA
Vladimir is a Project & Program Manager, and an Agile practitioner with a technical background. He has more than 10 years' experience in the software development industry. In his career, he has made his way from software developer to project management consultant. He has extensive experience with Agile implementation in development teams and on the product management level. He also has experience scaling Agile to the organization level.
Aleksey Alekseyev
Executive Agile Coach
Deputy General Director of Engineering @ Apalon
Minsk, Belarus
Aleksey began his career as a developer of mobile apps for such rarity platforms as J2ME and BREW. He worked in the development of both business apps and games, and later took part in development and managed the mobile MMO game World of Tanks Blitz at Wargaming. He's gradually switched to project, team and product management while successfully applying Agile methods.
Anton Mariukhnenko
Executive Agile Coach
Head of Consulting Services @ Intellica
VP of Enterprise Agile Consulting @ Altris IT Solutions OÜ
Kyiv, Ukraine
Tbilisi, Georgia
Moscow, Russia
Certified trainer of International Consortium of Agile. Certified Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) Agilist. More than 15 years in IT field, 10 years of experience in project and program management building efficient distributed teams and ensuring business continuity. Starting from 2012 driving Agile transformation programs for US, UK, European, Israeli and Asian companies, building efficient teams and ensuring smooth delivery in various business domains (Retail, Gambling, Travel, Insurance, Telecom, Banking, Medical and others). Leading Lean-Agile Transformation initiatives.
Nastassia Krupiankova
Scrum Master/Agile Coach @ Eppendorf AG
Juelich, Germany
Nastassia has more than 11 years of experience in software development on various positions. Her main responsibility is coaching teams, Product Owners and Scrum Masters in adoption and implementation of Agile practices.
Nastassia is ICAgile Certified Professional in Program and Portfolio Management, Agile Project Management and Agile Team Facilitation. She is also certified as Professional Scrum Master (Scrum.org) and SAFe 4.0 Agilist.
Anton Ivanov
Executive Agile Coach
Cheif program manager
Moscow, Russia
ICF standards professional coach. 14 years of experience in software development, he was a functional manager, a project manager, and started as Software developer. Since 2010 has been promoting and implementing Agile in large companies - system integrators and banks (Luxoft, R-style, Redsys, Deutsche Bank). Building efficient teams and ensuring smooth delivery. He also has experience scaling Agile at the organization level.
Vladimir Kalenov
Project Director @ Sberbank Business Online
Moscow, Russia
Cares about the effectiveness of the teams creating Sberbank Business Online. Participated in Sberbank agile-transformation as a tribe coach. Implemented LeanAgile processes in tutu.ru on the organization level. Graduated MBA in 2012.
8 years experience in process optimization (ITSM, QA) and consulting. 5 years in internal transformations.
Key expertise - agile project management, agile program management, scaled agile implementation.
Facilitation and scribing agent.
Andrey Kuropyatnyk
CEO @ Altris AI
Managing Partner, Process Consultant @ Altris IT Solutions
Kyiv, Ukraine
MBA, the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. More than 16 years in IT industry, experience in such areas as software development and business applications implementation. One of few Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) Program Consultant in Ukraine experienced in the delivery of Agile Business Transformations at different levels of organizations. Conducted his first Agile transformation program in 2009. Certified trainer of International Consortium for Agile. Has been involved in different projects from the variety of business domains (ERP and CRM Systems, Core Banking Systems and Collection Solutions, Web and Mobile Development, High Loading Applications, Payment Systems, Government Systems, etc.). Starting from 2015 driving Agile transformations for non-IT businesses. Accredited ICAgile Trainer and SAFe Program Consultant.
Andrea Della Corte
Technical Delivery Manager @ Improbable.io
London, United Kingdom
Andrea is a Senior Technical Delivery Manager at Improbable.io, a London startup. Previously, Andrea was an Amazon's Software Engineer and Technical Program Manager in Vancouver, Seattle and London. Andrea is a program leader with combined experience in software development, agile process implementation, information security and system design. Very passionate about delivering engaging hands-on training, Andrea firmly believes in buy-in at all levels and a disciplined approach are fundamental for a successful adoption.
Certified Scaled Agile (SAFe®) Agilist and Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS®) Practitioner.
Andrey Dvoretsky
Delivery Manager @ Itransition
Minsk, Belarus
Project Manager in Itransition, previously partner and head of the web development department of the Alliance Astronim * Support.by
12 years in IT outsourcing, more than 8 years as Agile Project Manager. Today he focuses at building Agile processes at the business level of customers, the implementation of Scaled Agile frameworks, Agile Education in the Agile Community of Itransition.
Maksim Batalin
Minsk, Belarus
More than 10 years in IT, started as a Product Manager in service companies. More than 5 years he works as a project manager for software development. In his work, he adheres to Agile and Lean principles. Has experience in implementing Agile approaches at the level of development teams. An active participant of Minsk Agile communities.
ICP, ICP-ATF, ICP-ACC, ICP-APM, ICP-APO, ICP-BAF, Certified LeSS Practitioner, Kanban System Design (KMP I), SAFe® 4 Certified Agilist, PSM I, CSM
Yevheniia Hlovatska
QA Leader @ Wix
Dnipro, Ukraine
Agile Coach and Executive QA Leader in Wix. Participated in the development of Mulesoft Anypoint Platform for SaaS and enterprise applications, as well as in the development of financial and trading platforms. Over 6 years of experience in building manual and automated testing processes from scratch in the role of Agile Testing Consultant while working with large corporations around the world, such as Mulesoft, Wix, Salesforce. Organizer of international QA-hackathons, workshops and training programs on Agile testing. More than 3 years of teaching and mentoring experience in the Manual and Automated Testing domains, as well as the creation of original courses for the advanced training of QA specialists at various levels. An active participant in the charity project BeQA Today.
Oleksii Ihnatiuk
Software Development Engineer in Test @ Archer Software
Dnipro, Ukraine
Executing Software Development Engineer in Test. Over 8 years of experience working with projects of various sizes and directions. Participated in the development of medical software, a mobile application for Columbia University in New York, analytical solutions for Mulesoft corporation and many others. Experience with implementation of Agile Testing approaches at different stages of projects. Active contributor in open-source projects, together with Craig Nishina (Google) transferred the automation framework Protractor from version 5 to 6. Included into the Project Committers group of WebdriverIO project. An active member of the CIS automation community.
Yuriy Veligorski
Executive Agile Coach
Agile Coach, Agile Consultant @ Altris IT Solutions OÜ
Kyiv, Ukraine
Certified Coach-Consultant (WIAP), handling number of other international certifications in Agile Management. More than 12 years of experience in tech industry including both product and outsourcing models of development. Business areas of experience include banking and finance, logistics, telecom, industrial automation, gaming and gambling, educational platforms and others. Had a hands on experience in such roles as a Project Manager, Product Manager, Scrum Master, Product Owner, Agile Coach. In 2013 gave Agile philosophy the main focus for optimizing delivering value in work. Starting from 2016 helps to build highly efficient teams and mature processes in organizations of different scale including both IT and non-IT setups.
Bar Schwartz
Management consultant, Agile and leadership coach @ Signavio GmbH
Berlin, Germany
Bar Schwartz is a management consultant, agile and leadership coach from Berlin, Germany. She brings over a decade of expertise in the software industry with a strong focus on Agile Leadership, Product Ownership and Agile Transitions.
Bar led tech, product, people, and transformations in diverse organizational structures, such as startups, corporates, and consultancies. She is a McKinsey Alumni, a certified ICF professional coach and a Marshall Goldsmith Leadership Development coach, focusing on both implementing agile practices in a simple, practical and relevant way and shifting cultures, behaviors and mindset to accommodate organizational change.
Today, she heads the Engineering Excellence team at Signavio, a team of mentors, dedicated to supporting the engineering leadership to simplify ways of working, build capabilities and enable further company growth.
Sergei Nechaev
Executive Agile Coach, Consultant @ Altris IT Solutions OÜ
Kyiv, Ukraine
MBA, International Consortium for Agile (ICAgile) Authorized instructor, 11 years in IT field, 6 years of experience in Project, Program and Delivery Management. 5+ years in QC and QA Management. Solid experience in various business domains such as Telecom, Gaming, Live Entertainment, Travel, Bio tech and others.
Main professional focus is on building effective, predictable and performing teams and ensure high-quality deliverables on different levels of organization.
Experience in leading critical projects within the timeline and budget. Skilled in putting strategy into action, working closely with top management, business owners and product management. Change Agent and Facilitator of Agile transformations. Starting from 2013 facilitating engineering evolution projects, SCM and DevOps initiatives. Experience in startups environment.
Serhii Semenov
Senior Project Manager @ EPAM, Agile Consultant
Kyiv, Ukraine
Serhii is Agile practitioner, passionate about growing effective teams and delivery valuable solutions. He is an experienced Agile Delivery Lead who constantly challenges the status quo and drives forward the efficiency of product delivery.

Using empirical Scrum framework and Kanban method he helps companies to increase its business agility by mastering continuous product discovery and delivery; outperforming competitors by creating a learning organization; creating a great workplace culture by providing room for autonomy, mastery, and purpose.

  • 13 years in IT industry.
  • Led diverse 23 Agile teams for the last 7 years (mobile, desktop, web) in world famous companies on positions Agile Delivery Manager, Scrum Master.
  • 2 Agile Transitions (scaling via LeSS, Nexus)
He had experience of working with U.S., Brazil, U.K. and Germany companies with co-located and distributed teams.

As an Agile Consultant and trainer, over the last year Serhii has trained more than 200 specialists, including 116 on certified ICAgile classes. He conducted corporate trainings and workshops at Luxoft, Epam, General Electric, Harman, Swissquote, Innovecs, Azercell, Boosta, B2B Soft, PariMatch, UpGames.

Professional certifications: Effective teams 3.0, PSM I, PSM II, PSPO I, SPS (Nexus), Certified LeSS Practitioner, Kanban Management Professional I, ICAgile Authorized Instructor, ICP - Agile Fundamentals, ICP - Agile Project and Delivery Management, ICP - Agile Product Ownership, ICP - Agile Team Facilitation, Certified Facilitator
Kostiantyn Derets
Agile coach @ Altris IT Solutions OÜ
Kyiv, Ukraine
More than 10 years in IT field, more than 4 years experience as QA engineer and more 4+ years of experience as Agile Project Manager building efficient teams and product development process (Medical systems, Mobile, Digital Advertising, Sports Betting, Payments).

Quality Assurance Management trainer and mentor. Our trainees successfully work as middle/senior engineers and QA leaders.

Taking part in kick-off projects from scratch using Lean and Agile approach. Since 2015 leading Crisis Management initiative. 3 projects successfully returned on track and handed over to permanent managers.
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