AgileLAB is a team of independent Agile coaches and trainers. We share our practical experience and offer trainings with international accreditation.

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International Accreditation
We offer trainings accredited by ICAgile, an international organization developing education in the field of Agile approaches.
Practical Experience
The materials for our trainings are based on our personal experience. We teach only what we practice ourselves.
Small Groups
Each group has 20 students or less. The training is always conducted by two coaches. We strive to give maximum attention to each participant.
Our team
Vladimir Gorshunov
Founder, Trainer
General Manager @ IAC Applications / Apalon
Minsk, Belarus
Kiryl Baranoshnik
Agile Coach @ EPAM Systems
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Janina Łaszkiewicz
Agile Facilitator @ Juno Lab
Warszawa, Polska
Nina Baitenova
Agile Project Manager @ EPAM Systems
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Vladimir Dobrov
Agile Program Manager @
New York, USA
Timofey Yevgrashyn
Delivery Director @ Dinarys GmbH
Berlin, Germany

Aleksey Alekseyev
Delivery Manager @ Juno Lab
Minsk, Belarus
Anton Mariukhnenko
Head of Consulting Services @ Intellica
VP of Enterprise Agile Consulting @ Altris IT Solutions OÜ
Kyiv, Ukraine
Tbilisi, Georgia
Nastassia Krupiankova
Scrum Master/Agile Coach @ PMCS.helpLine Software Group
Cologne, Germany
Anton Ivanov
Delivery Manager @ Tech block of the Sberbank of Russia
Moscow, Russia

Our Training Programs

Feedback from participants
After a couple of weeks, I can more accurately say what [the Program and Portfolio Management course] gave me as a PM. I kind of got 3D vision of the client's business and product. Even if so far one is not talking about expanding Agile in depth and breadth in client companies, it's much clearer for me what they need, how it's built and prioritized. As a bonus, it became easier to negotiate and promote my decisions.
Anna Piskova
Project Manager @ Itransition
Excellent training, as well as examples from real projects. I liked the approach very much, and also the fact that the trainers helped with the solution to real problems.
Andrey Barbier
Project Manager @ Softeq
I'm happy that such a high level of certification is available in Minsk. A well-balanced program and excellent, productive, and fun interaction with class members. The most value was the 2 pages of notes of ideas and materials for studying outside the class. Many thanks to the trainers!
Irina Teteruk
Agile Project Manager, consultant @ Ciklum
This is the best training I've visited in Belarus.
Sergey Kravchenko
Executive Director @ System Technologies
The guys once again did a great job with the presentation of the material, subjects delivered, overall atmosphere and professionalism!
Daria Kasperova
Project Manager/Business Analyst @ Invento Labs
Excellent training, a lot of useful information, and supported by real situations from trainers.
Kirill Svechnikov
Project Manager @ Red Rock Apps
Thanks for the training! All the basic concepts of Agile methodologies were covered, and I received answers to many asked and unasked questions.
Tatiana Labkovich
Product Manager @
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